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Incubation Ecosystem For Artists Driven By A Vote-to-earn Model

and Vision
Our mission is to aspire to become the leading platform for young artists, offering guidance and acting as a supportive incubator to ensure their seamless transition into the digital Web3 space while engaging the community with the integrated Vote-to-Earn system.
SYSTEM 256 is a crypto platform that empowers young and aspiring artists in the Web3
We are dedicated to creating a socially-oriented environment that allows artists to showcase their talents and reach their full potential.

Incubator is a part of platform which provides artists with a comprehensive mentorship experience that includes expert sessions, personalised coaching, and the opportunity to exchange experiences with other artists.

We also offer regular themed creative challenges, prompting artists to explore and address global issues through their work.

Our platform includes a Vote-to-Earn system, where users can vote for their favourite artists and earn tokens and NFTs as rewards.
Contemporary art
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How it works

SYSTEM 256 offers a unique Vote-to-Earn system that rewards you for your opinion. Community members can vote for their favourite artists, whoever votes and guesses the artist with the most votes will be rewarded with tokens. Completing missions, purchasing our NFTs, and participating in games earn you SYSTEM 256 tokens.

■ Voting for artists: The community votes for their favourite artists in themed challenges.

■ Earning tokens and NFTs: Users earn rewards based on participation and voting success.
SYSTEM 256 rewards you for your opinion
Exclusive event and exhibition access
Unique NFTs
Token airdrops
Various bonuses
Business model:
Revenue sources:
The 100 million capped tokens are divided equally 50/50 between Polygon and BSC.
They are designed to fund the project and create value for holders, making it an attractive investment for investors, featured artists, and the community

Users can vote for artists in themed challenges using tokens, and by staking tokens, they can earn rewards and increase their influence on the platform.
The Token utilities:
Staking benefits
Vote-to-Earn bonus for stakeholders
Access to exclusive content
Voting for artists
Do you have vision? Do you want your art to be featured in the Web3 world? We are looking for you!
Become an artist
SYSTEM 256 provides financial support to artists and enables them to create artwork that can be digitized in the Metaverse resulting in increased value and recognition. In exchange for a share in sales artists receive funds to support their creative endeavors.
We offer comprehensive guidance and support to artists, starting from the initial stages and leading up to the final steps. Our services cover everything from organizing, marketing, fundraising, events, and exposure, allowing you to focus solely on the creative process
Our team of highly experienced artistic advisors will mentor you throughout your creative process, utilizing your talents to their fullest potential
SYSTEM 256 will introduce you to the world of Metaverse art, educate you on cryptocurrency, and NFTs, and teach you how to earn by selling your artwork in both the real and digital worlds
Our Team
Maria Yevtushenko
CEO & Co-founder
Eva Shalenko
COO & Co-founder
Maria Masliy
Daria Dzhuromska
Julian Mackey
Nicolai Van Dirchsen
Alex Demchenko
White Paper
Alberto Scherb
Co-Founder, CEO at 100TM, Extensive experience from notable companies like APPLE, NEST, GOOGLE, FLEXTRONICS, LIGHTHOUSE AI and others
Constantino Roselli
Founder & CEO at NTZNS, Advisory Board member on Metaversefashion council, top brand storyteller, bestselling author, futurist
Ayesha Mubarak Ali
Co-Founder of METAVISIONARIES, Creative director, Fusion-Techartist, Techpreneur, Top 100 Women of Future, Phygital designer,sustainable fashion, AI
Natacha Cottu
Nova Lorraine
Futurist, Strategist, and Web3 Advisor, most recently awardedthe METAVERSE CHAMPION AWARD and named Top 12Leaders in the Metaverse as well as a LAMINA1 ART NFT Winner
Bruno Miranda
Founder and CEO of Chilibangs, the biggest web3 community in Europe. Speaker at WOW Summit | NFT NYC23 | NFC Summit | TON LISBON HUB Lisbon Blockchain Conference 3.0
Nizzar Ben Chekroune
Co-faunder BananaCorp, Co-founder & CEO of Nception NFT, ex Head of Web3 Blockchain & NFT Dev at Berexia Digital
Frank Poncelet
Operations Architect at Xplore Group - Cronos, co-founder Hyperlabs, #NFTNYC2022 Speaker
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SYSTEM 256 supports, encourages, curates, and features young aspiring artists, creating art in real and Metaverse worlds.
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Our Team
Maria Yevtushenko
Founder/serial entrepreneur,MD Films founder
Maria Yevtushenko
Founder/serial entrepreneur,MD Films founder
Maria Yevtushenko
Founder/serial entrepreneur,MD Films founder
Maria Yevtushenko
Founder/serial entrepreneur,MD Films founder
Our Partners
Maria Yevtushenko
Founder/serial entrepreneur,MD Films founder
Maria Yevtushenko
Founder/serial entrepreneur,MD Films founder
Maria Yevtushenko
Founder/serial entrepreneur,MD Films founder
Maria Yevtushenko
Founder/serial entrepreneur,MD Films founder