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S.Y.S.T.E.M. 256
1. Introduction to S.Y.S.T.E.M. 256
2. Background
3. Advantages
4. Technical Specifications
5. Monetization
The S.Y.S.T.E.M. 256 project offers several potential revenue streams that can help to monetize the platform and generate income for the project and its stakeholders.
Revenue streams:
6. YTEM token
The YTEM token is distributed evenly across two blockchains, with 50% of the total supply allocated to Polygon and the other 50% to BSC. This strategic distribution maximizes the benefits of both blockchains, leveraging advantages such as minimal transaction fees, swift transaction processing, and robust community backing. This deliberate approach guarantees the token's accessibility to a broader spectrum of users, accommodating their blockchain preferences effectively.

The large amount of emission in the Private and IDO round was chosen specifically to meet the needs of users in tokens (not only as a means of saving and investing, but also as a tool for convenient settlement transactions). Since the implementation of new functionality is planned for this period.

Vote-to-Earn Mechanism: The voting mechanism with diminishing voting power based on the invested amount helps prevent concentration of power and speculative behavior. This encourages active community engagement and genuine participation, thereby bolstering the token's value stability.

These measures collectively contribute to a balanced and stable tokenomics framework for System 256, fostering investor confidence and sustainable growth over the project's lifecycle.

The number of tokens in the Team and Foundation, Marketing, Advisors, and Incubator allocations group is always equal to the number of tokens in the Pre-Seed, Seed, Private, and IDO group. If only a part of the tokens from the last group is sold, the tokens of the first group will also be limited. All tokens removed from these groups will be used for staking rewards.

In this case, the amount of tokens for the community will always be equal to or exceed the amount of tokens for the project's needs. This minimizes the risks of speculation on the price of the YTEM token by the project
Purpose and use of YTEM tokens
YTEM’s main purpose is to vote for artists during themed challenges. In addition, YTEM holders have access to exclusive content and events, rewards for active community participation, and the option to stake tokens for additional rewards and platform influence.

In general, YTEM tokens are an integral part of the project's ecosystem and can be used in the following areas:
The "Vote-to-Earn" system is implemented in a gamified manner, where the key mechanic involves the collaboration of two teams (mentor-artist and mentor-artist) on a specific project. The outcomes of their work are presented for voting to all token holders. It is important to note that the influence of an individual player's vote is not directly proportional to their invested amount. As the investment amount grows, the voting weight diminishes, incentivizing active interaction with the mechanic among community members. Ultimately, success is determined not only by the quantity of tokens invested but also by the number of participants who take part in the voting. Such an approach reduces the likelihood of fraud and speculation.

The winning team receives 10% of the total prize pool, which sustains ongoing motivation for participation and the engagement of new players within the ecosystem. To maintain the deflationary token model, 3% of contributed tokens undergo destruction, ensuring the stability and value of the project's tokenomics. Additionally, 15% of the total token supply is allocated to ensure continuous actions and the functioning of the ecosystem. This commission contributes to the project's sustainable profitability, supporting its development and long-term success.
The tokens allocated for this section will be used for marketing campaigns and maintaining the platform's liquidity. 

As a way to reward token holders, we will be hosting lotteries. By purchasing special token tickets, participants will have the opportunity to win a wallet that contains a one-of-a-kind NFT asset.

Airdrops are a strategic token marketing technique employed by System256 to promote its token and engage with the community. During an airdrop, a predetermined number of tokens are distributed for free to eligible participants. 

Early holder campaigns are strategic initiatives employed by System256 to incentivize individuals to acquire and hold their tokens during the early stages of the project's development. These campaigns are designed to reward early supporters and investors for their commitment and participation. 
Foundation tokens will be allocated to Ecosystem grants, Partner & Community incentives. The main difference from tokens allocated for ecosystem and development is that the incentives are not for new projects, but existing projects and core projects.

Upon the achievement of new financial indicators, the number of exchanged YTEMs or daily trading volume, a percentage of tokens will be allocated to reward the community and partners actively trading and developing the platform

During the project's developmental phase, the team can leverage these tokens to enhance and refine the product's features and functionalities.
Tokens in this pool are intended to stimulate growth and support the stability of the ecosystem's development processes from the early stages. Since this portion of the tokens is 1/100th of the total volume, the short-term blockchain will not have a significant negative effect on the price of
The System256 Incubator is designed to provide a nurturing environment for emerging talents within the digital realm. It offers a platform for young artists, creators, and innovators to develop their projects, receive guidance from experienced mentors, and access resources that facilitate their growth. The Incubator aims to foster a collaborative ecosystem where participants can exchange ideas, refine their concepts, and gain exposure to the Web3 landscape. Through strategic partnerships, educational programs, and targeted support, System256's Incubator is dedicated to empowering the next generation of digital pioneers.

Tokens YTEM serve as a means of settlement liquid assets for organizing, management and holding of events.
The Staking of System256 provides users with the opportunity to actively participate and contribute to the platform's ecosystem while also earning rewards. Through token staking, users can lock up a certain amount of tokens for a specified period. This process helps secure the network and validate transactions while enabling users to earn additional tokens as an incentive for their participation.

Token staking within the System256 ecosystem serves multiple purposes. It enhances the platform's security and stability by encouraging token holders to actively engage in the network's operations. Simultaneously, it aligns users' interests with the success of the platform, fostering a sense of ownership and community involvement.
To keep the economy healthy, the token burning process will be implemented. Token Burning mechanism ensures the stability of the ecosystem. Part of tokens (3%) is systematically burned, reducing the overall supply. This deflationary model helps counter inflationary pressures, maintaining or potentially increasing the value of the tokens over time.
7. Use Cases and Applications
8. Roadmap and Future Developments
As of the current moment, System256 has successfully completed the development plan for the second quarter of 2023, including the following achievements:
The detailed development plan for the ecosystem of System256 is presented below: